Resistance, a Belgian extreme metal band founded in 2004 initially started out as a metal influenced straight forward hardcore band but after several line-up changes and new members bringing new influences to the table, the band turned more and more into the full on death metal beast it is today, with traces left of their hardcore roots.

After four full-length albums and several European tours supporting bands such as Kataklysm, Sepultura, Vader, All Shall Perish, Pro-Pain, … Resistance became a well established live act crushing audiences on all fronts.

Late 2013, Resistance enters Noise Factory Studio in Belgium with engineer Gerald Jans to record their 5th album, “The Seeds Within”, mixed and mastered in Oakland, CA by Death Metal expert Zack Ohren.

“THE SEEDS WITHIN, celebrates the human race and its defects. How we desperately seek forgiveness, how cowardly we are towards our reality. The lyrical content is heavy and depressive. It metaphorically pictures how helpless we are facing whatever comes at us.
The music is structured and shaped around this concept. Rhythm is the essence but melody plays its part bringing freshness when needed and making the listener’s journey flawless. More brutal, more aggressive and heavier than ever, Resistance matured and will crush!”

Resistance is:

Xerus Liévin – Vocals
Tanguy Roelens – Bass
Oli Dris – Rhythm Guitar
Shaun V. Calster – Lead Guitar
Jonas Sanders – Drums